Chief Advisor
Percy D. Carter (Atlanta,GA)

Kimberly Taylor (Cleveland,OH)
Communication Specialist
Crystal Stephens (Tallahassee,FL)
Tiffany McDonall (Cleveland,OH)
Welcome Coordinator
Aviant Johnson(Birmingham,AL)
Sunshine Coordinator 
Yelet Johnson (San Antonio ,TX)

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Family Reunion Meeting
Sunday August 19th Start 6;00 Pm End 7:20 Pm
Decided on The Orleans Hotel 4500 West Tropicana Avenue ? Las Vegas, NV 89103. tel:+18006753267. Kim will block rooms. Kim will come up with an schedule for posting with in the next week. Percy will look into Bally's buffet pricing and email to everyone. Kim will contact treasure to open account and ask about cash app. A email was sent to all committee members regarding reunion fee collection. Family meet and greet will be a bowling party. Talked about payment plans for reunion fees will offer payment plan. Talked about contacting family member for booking of flight prices. Thank you everyone for there time.
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Family Reunion Meetings
Sunday Jan 6th 2018 6:00 pm

Discussed family reunion survey results. Decided on Las vegas location. Decided on July 18 ,2019 as a possible date. Possible activity the grand canyon Aviant will look for pricing. Crystal will look for events schedule for las vegas in the month of July 2019. Aviant will get contact information for AL.Kim will contact family members to try and fill committee positions.

Thank you everyone for your time.
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Family Reunion Meeting May 6, 2018 6pm
Aviant found pricing for Grand Canyon 139.00 per person including lunch. Went over list of activities. Decided Activities should be planned for Friday & Saturday. Reunion days will be Thursday,Friday & Saturday. Meet & Greet will be Thursday. No activities were decided upon. Yelet will contact friend to schedule conference call with friend who knows the Las Vegas area. Aviant is going to Las Vegas in September and would be willing to check out places. Conference call was 63 mins.If needed Kim will travel to Las Vegas to check out places.

Thank You all for your time.
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Family Questions
Is the family reunion going to be kid friendly?

Yes we are planning family friendly activities.

What about the limit of persons in hotel rooms? Will we have to pay for additional persons after 2 Adults?

Some hotels in vegas have a limit of 2 adults but kids 18 and under are free.We are currently looking at hotels that can accommodate up to 6 people.No extra charges.
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Survey Results
1. How would you like to receive family reunion information?


2.What Month would you like to have the 2019 Family Reunion?


3.How Many days would you like to participate during family reunion?

3 days

4. What type of activities would you like to participate in ?

City Culture

5.How munch a night are you willing to spend on a hotel?

100.00 dollars

6.Is it important to have free breakfast at a hotel?


7.Where would yo like to have the 2019 family reunion?

Las Vegas,NV

8.What would you like to see at the family reunion?


9.Any suggestions for tee shirt color?


10.Is it important to have most activities at the hotel?

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Family Reunion Meeting
November 11th 2018 6pm 1 hour 45 mins
Committee decided to accept 3 payments for up coming reunion will submit details to committee.
Committee decided to play family feud as an ice breaker
Committee decided to mail registration packets
Committee went over possible fundraisers
Committee wanted current rsvps
Committee went over possible reunion schedule
Committee went over possible banquet halls
Committee ask about cash apps as payment option
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Family Bylaws
Lee - Jones - Hale Family Reunion By Laws


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be called ?Lee - Jones- Hale Family Reunion?

Section 2. The Principal office of this organization shall be located in the of city Warrensville Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The organization may have other offices as the affairs of the organization may require from time to time.


The purpose of this organization is to reunite family members and to enhance the growth and development of family unity.


Membership is comprised of descendants of John Lee & Priscilla Snow.


Section 1. Regular Meetings. Regular meetings shall be scheduled in preparation for the family reunion by the host city. At least six meeting shall be held.

Section 2. Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or any other two members of the organization of the host city. At least forty-eight hours advance notice of the meeting should be given to membership.

Section 3. Quorum. One-third of the host committee will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The action taken by those present at a meeting shall be the act of the organization.


Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be Chief Advisor, Chair, Co Chair, Communication Specialist ,Historian & Treasurer. Officers will be mailed or emailed a copy of their duties.

Section 2. Tenure. Officers shall serve for Two years and may be eligible for re-election for an additional year.
Section 3. Removal. Any officer may be removed by the organization for three unexcused absences from meetings.


Committees may be established as deemed necessary by the membership of the organization.


Section 1. Contracts. The organization may authorize in writing any officer or officers, to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and behalf of the organization.

Section 2. Checks, Drafts, Etc. All checks ,drafts or other payment of money, or other evidence of indebtedness issued in the of the organization shall be signed by two officers of the organization.

Section 3. Deposits. All funds of the organization not otherwise employed shall be deposited from time to time to the credit of the organization in such banks as the organization may select.

Section 4. Content of Reunion. Every ?Lee- Jones - Hale Family Reunion? shall include in its agenda a business meeting, family history update, family time and recreation. These items shall be covered over a period of four days. Thursday,Friday, Saturday & Sunday. There shall be souvenirs available at all reunions to be decided upon by the host organization.
Section 5. Mailing List of Lee- Jones - Hale Family. Every known family member shall be informed in writing by the host city of plans for the ?Lee- Jones - Hale Family Reunion?.


These bylaws may be amended ,altered, changed, added to or repealed by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Lee- Jones- Hale Family members entitled to vote at any meeting.

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